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Recharge for your friends and
loved ones

Purchase and send Recharges for cellular phones in Cuba.  The best way to stay in communication with your Friends and Families and you get the CUPs you pay for without any hidden charges.

You can also purchase CubacelTur, the SIM which allows you as a visitor to Cuba, to connect to the Internet using an unblocked phone. The basic plan includes phone minutes and SMS.



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Make Your Recharges purchase on the Recargas Siboney® Portal and Become a Recurring Customer

Use our online portal to buy your recharges and the order is processed immediately. Pay with a credit or debit card or PayPal with no hidden costs or fees

On your online purchases you can also receive the promotional bonuses which can be up to triple the amount of your actual payment and purchase of Cuba recharge. Consult the dates of each month’s promotions and the applicable dates

On the Portal you will also be able to make one-time purchases, simply and quickly. At any time, you can consult the status of your recharge, utilizing the individual transaction id provided you at the time of payment to Recargas Siboney®.



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At the time you register as a recurring customer on our Portal, all of your information is secure and we will never share it with anybody.

When you make your recharge, you Will be able to use your preferred method of payment and to your favorite and/or frequent numbers. 


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1, 2, 3... it’s that fast and easy to order and send your recharge on our online Portal. Save numbers to make recurring orders.

We deliver the amount offered in the recharge never modifying or adding hidden charges.


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Recargas Siboney® rewards your loyalty with bonuses which you can apply to your future purchases.  Recommend us to your Friends and families and get additional bonuses.

Use an ongoing purchase plan with scheduled purchases so you never lose a promotion. We want you to always choose Recargas Siboney® for your Cuba recharges.


Recharges for DISTRIBUTORS with Cutting Edge Technology at Your Fingertips

We are your best option to buy Cuba recharges at high volumes

We at "Recargas Siboney®" work to provide the best technology option for you to maximize your business of recharge sales to those companies or stores offering recharge services to different countries around the world.  We offer our services with a new and simple platform to help you achieve high volume of Cuba recharge sales and other products like prepaid cards for CubacelTur, We also provide free SIMM cards for unblocked smartphones, new cellphones ready to use and other products.

​Join with us and create or grow your business with high profit margins, assuring your end users that they will receive the services and order size they require without hidden charges. Our API for distributors with large volumes (DISTRIBUTORS) are transported over our secure platform, with quick response times so that the end user receives his purchase confirmation as soon as he finishes the purchase.

Sign up sending us an email from this page (Contact Us) so that our team of customer support for associates call you or send you an email with all of the information required to open an account, how to interconnect to our platform and be ready to sell Recargas Siboney®.  We will also send you all of the documentation to guide you, step by step in the platform integration process.

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Discover all of the advantages that
our Solution for Distributors offers you

Personalize your experience of Recharge Sales using our API for Distributors

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Fast Performace

The heart of the Recargas Siboney system is an API developed to provide high speed performance, processing your transactions without delay.


Discover the philosophy with which we have developed our API and when you interconnect to the Distributor’s Plan those advantages are yours.

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Support 24/7

We are your best partners to prevent delays in Cuba Recharge operations so that you can provide continuous service to your clients. You can call us or send us an email so that our Engineers and Specialist IT Techs help you in resolving any problems. You can also check on the status of transactions and the posting to the account of the end user.

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Maximum Security

Leave the security of the link between your Platform and our API in our hands. We have implemented secure access schemes so that you have peace of mind when selling, ensuring end-to-end encryption along with validation schemes in the software to keep all your information and resources safe.

Providing a First Class Service

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Recargas Siboney® offers you Access to our Distributors exclusively portal in which you can obtain real time data about your operation. For you our service is the best: “We understand the priorities of your business and we commit to helping you receive excellent commissions, reducing the time for the interconnection between your API and our platform, multiple options for you add to your balance in your wallet (account balance) and to quickly respond to your needs, questions and problems which may arise during your daily transactions”


We also welcome any suggestions or ideas you may have to improve the service for you our partner and that We are indebted to our clients, and we are willing to install new options which will facilitate and streamline your sales and maximize your profits.


We have Followed a Long Path

Discover Who We Are

With more than 25 years’ experience in the Telecommunications and Value-Added Services sectors, we have created a company committed to offering the best in the market based on the confidence, transparency, and exemplary business values of Recargas Siboney® and our cutting-edge technologies.


Our workforce, a combination of creative and professional technology experts, is always looking to develop intuitive solutions which differentiates us from our competitors so that your experience in the acquisition of recharges (both in wholesale and retail markets) as well as other services be 100% satisfactory and with a security that you can trust with utmost confidence.


We know that every recharge is sent with best wishes and desires for the friends and loved ones of your customers. Additionally, our efforts are directed to enlarging our global network of companies for who we directly provide recharge services. One of our highest priorities is to ensure that the confidence you place in us be met with providing our services in the quality, amount, and timeliness you expect and warrant. Choose us and we will be your best ally and recharge provider.


If you would like to contact us send us a message (Contact us) or call us at the number(s) at the bottom of our website.


What They Said About Us...

These Are Some of the Testimonials We Would Like to Share Withs You

“Gracias Recargas Siboney por dejarme probar el envío de recargas a mis hermanas. ¡Estamos felices!...”

“Thank you Recargas Siboney for recharging my sister's cellphone. All of us are very happy with the result”

average rating is 5 out of 5

Lorena Vázquez

“Desde hoy estoy enviando recargas a mi familia y novia con Siboney. Todos deben usar el portal y no pagar más con otros. Gracias amigos de Recargas Siboney. ”

“From today I will be recharging my family and girlfriend’s cellphone with Siboney. Everyone should use their portal and not use expensive alternatives from other companies. Thank you Recargas Siboney”

average rating is 5 out of 5

Marco Corrales

“Nuestro equipo trabajando en la integración de nuestra plataforma con Recargas Siboney. Los resultados fueron más allá de lo esperado.”

“Our Tech department working on the integration of our platform with the Recargas Siboney platform said that the experience was much better than they anticipated”

average rating is 5 out of 5

Vibi, Mary & Claudia

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